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Under the patronage of Engineer Al-Fadhli, the Saudi Agricultural Exhibition witnesses the signing of 16 agreements with investments exceeding 3 billion riyals

The activities of the first day of the Saudi Agricultural Exhibition in its (40th) session, which began today, under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Engineer Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Fadhli in Riyadh, witnessed the signing of (16) agreements with investments exceeding (3) billion riyals, and three memorandums of understanding on exchanging technical and economic consultations.


The agreements signed under the patronage of His Excellency Minister Al-Fadhli represent a qualitative leap to enhance agricultural development and encourage investment in this important sector, an opportunity to achieve self-sufficiency and enhance food security, and an important step towards diversifying sources of income in the Kingdom in accordance with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.


The agreements included the establishment of the largest freeze-drying factory in the Middle East between Ajlan & Brothers and the Egyptian Magrabi Agricultural Company, in addition to establishing an integrated logistics services area to provide the best storage solutions to customers for refrigerated, frozen and dry storage, as part of an agreement signed between “Gulf Architects Contracting Limited” and “Sadr Logistics Co.”.


It included the signing of two agreements to establish a mushroom project with high cooling and heating technologies between “DAVA” and Christiaens Group”, in addition to the establishment of a strawberry project from glass greenhouses for advanced hydroponics between “DAVA” and “Debets Schalke”, and an agreement to establish a smart farm that operates with aeroponics technology to produce multiple types of vegetables and strawberries between Green Dunes Company (Tamimi Markets) and one of Green Dunes Company’s partners, “Zero Farm”.

The exhibition also witnessed the signing of agreements to produce poultry and its derivatives locally between the “Golden Chicken Co.” and “Almunajem Foods Co” to contribute to reducing imports, to finance the latest automated poultry factory in the central region between the “Golden Chicken Co.” and the Agricultural Development Fund, to supply local agricultural products between “Basateen Asir” and “Al-Othaim” Company, an announced partnership between the “Food Development” and “HMB”, and the inauguration of a food manufacturing factory based on local production, between the “Tanmiah Food Co.” and “Tyson International”


It also included the signing of an agreement to supply chilled chicken and chicken pieces between “Degla Poultry” and the Cooperative Association of Poultry Producers in Asir and Eastern Region, an agreement to establish a project for broiler and hatchery chickens in the Hail region, between “Degla Poultry” and Roxel & Bercoli companies, the signing of an agreement to produce and develop mulberry cultivation in greenhouse for local market and export, between Al-Rasheed Company and Elite Agro Projects, and an agreement to establish a broiler chicken project with Poultec Company with a very high capacity between “Radwa Poultry and Fine Foods”, “Valley” and “Poultec” companies.


In addition, an agreement was signed to supply equipment for egg production houses, which is a high-capacity project between “Radwa Poultry and Fine Foods Co.” and the German “Hellmann Co.”, and an agreement to supply fine Saudi Turkey products was signed between the “Saudi Rumi” company and “Danube Markets”. ".


The exhibition also witnessed the signing of a MoU To exchange technical and economic consultations in the agricultural field and cooperation in the field of practical training and on-the-job training; between Al-Washim Poultry Company and the Agricultural Development Fund, a MoU between the National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC) and the Saudi Del Monte Company for cooperation and integration in the field of processing and cutting fresh fruit and vegetable products in the Kingdom and the GCC countries, and signing a MoU between the Food Development Company and the Brazilian company Vibra to package and supply frozen products through primary processing methods and to attract foreign investment in the Kingdom.


The Saudi Agricultural Exhibition is an ideal platform that brings together under one roof the pioneers of the agricultural sector and decision makers in the agricultural field from the Kingdom and various countries of the world, the oldest and largest of its kind in the region accredited by Union des Foires Internationales (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), and the most prominent agricultural event in the Middle East, in the fields of agriculture, agro-industries and food security which is organized by the Riyadh Exhibitions Company Limited.